This is the way to nostalgia – come and visit a bygone world

Come and join us for a celebration of fine cuisine and culture. The Rössl Ballroom is finally reopening its doors, its atmosphere carefully recreated for all the senses to enjoy.

Inspired by our forebears’ numerous descriptions and photos of the long-ago Rössl balls, we aim to create events that will bring back these feelings of togetherness and enjoyment in a new guise.

Our grandparents’ stories seem to us as distant as a fairy tale, one full of song, dance, hospitality and first-class service.

All set in an ambience that offered a treat for the eyes, when the Rössl was not just an inn, but a veritable meeting point for society.

We celebrate the past but we are not bound by it – the Rössl stages events for the 21st century.

Climb the marble staircase to the second floor, open the door – and you immediately recognise that you are entering another world.

We would be delighted to introduce you to our ballroom with its Biedermeier furniture, stucco ceiling and Rössl silver: there, together with a warm welcome and magnificent hospitality, you can experience its magical aesthetics and sensation of nostalgia.

The Rössl’s sense of the bygone is combined with innovation and new concepts of togetherness, and enjoyment of culinary skills and culture.

Whether for a ballet with piano accompaniment, or jazz nights with classic cocktails, all of our cultural events are accompanied by culinary delights. An experience for all the senses!

We will be publishing our 2024 events programme shortly.

We will be pleased to discuss enquiries or recommendations with you.

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